• Castello Maniace
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    Maniace is part of the mighty architectural complex dominating Ortigia and extends to the southern part of the island: the Maniace Castle. At the threshold of two thousand, after a long restoration, the monument has returned to public enjoyment and is the theater of cultural initiatives throughout the year. With its capacity that can exceed 4.000 attendance, it is the main stage of the Festival. In 2008 it hosted the G8 for the environment.

  • Lido OSS
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    Welcome Lido OSS, Ortigia Sound System's brand new venue. Located inside "Nettuno" beach club, Lido OSS will be the landmark for some daily workshops, such as interviews, sports activities, and panels. The venue will reunite DJs, artists, and friends coming from all sorts of backgrounds, from the 28th of July to the 1st of August.
    Keep your eyes peeled to know more!

  • Antico Mercato
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    Conceived in the general process of post-unification city change, the construction of the covered market was designed by engineer Edoardo Troja. When the market was moved, the structure was used to keep spectacles and craft exhibitions. The restoration, carried out at the end of the nineties, has privileged the restoration of the original structure while maintaining the relationship with the oldest temple area in the city. The result is a functional structure that harmoniously combines ancient and modern, and today hosts a dynamic pole of services for tourists.